A Solid Basis for Significant Decisions

What Insights Can I Get From the Data?

Our models and analyses are based on mobility data. Visualizations are key to a quick understanding of the main takeaways. In order to best meet your needs as a customer, we provide various visualization options: from simple ExcelDashboards or Senozon Maps to more complex and customizable visualizations ArcGIS (the industry standard GIS tool provided by Esri) or the Tableau analytics platform. Detailed expert reports are available as well.

We are happy to give you an insight into the world of our mobility data.

Quick and Simple Overview

Our Senozon Excel-Dashboard offers the simplest representation of diagrams and maps for a better understanding of our mobility data. With a bit of Excel knowledge, you can tailor this form of presentation to your needs.

Our web viewer Senozon Maps visualizes predefined data queries as fully zoomable maps. This allows a quick understanding of our comprehensive data sets.

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    Tools for Experts

    Tableau offers various options to visualize Senozon mobility data. You also have the possibility to intersect your own data with Senozon data using this tool. Tableau’s high performance and numerous visualization options ensure an intuitive understanding of our data.

    Are you a Tableau user and familiar with this tool? Then request your test access to the Senozon Tableau sample here:

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      I agree that Senozon may use my data for marketing purposes. The passing on to third parties is excluded.

      Using Esri’s ArcGIS, visualizations of Senozon mobility data can be tailored individually for each customer. Different possibilities for individualization and blending of Senozon data with your own existing company data provide an optimal basis for decision-making.

      Individual Solutions

      Do you have further requirements or would like to better understand which option might be the right one for you? Talk to us. We look forward to finding the best solution for you.

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