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Out-of-Home Advertising

We find the best touchpoints with high frequencies for you.

Initial Situation

Today’s consumers are flooded with stimuli. More tan ever, addressing target customers effectively is key to advertisers’ success. Channels and content need to be tailored to target groups, and messages must be delivered precisely at the right place, at the right time.


Senozon predicts how people move in a country – we know who is where at what point in time and for what purpose. This enables campaign control for specific target groups. Furthermore, Senozon can determine the socio-demographic characteristics of your target customers at specific locations. As a result, channels and content can be tailored even more precisely. Thanks to these solutions, advertising impact is boosted and coverage loss is minimized, making for an optimal use of your marketing budget.

Case Study

Supported by Publicitas, a retailer sent mobile ads containing digital vouchers to target customers at the right time and at the right location, leading them directly to the next branch. Senozon supported Publicitas by determining the optimal geo-fence based on relevant target groups. As a result, 880,000 impressions were registered. The high click-through rate illustrates both the reduction of coverage loss and the generation of relevant leads.

«Senozon data enable us to intelligently select the right advertising media while optimizing the available budget. This enables cost-effective differentiation in the marketplace for Jost von Brandis.»

Claas Wegner,
Team Leader Geomarketing Jost von Brandis

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