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Senozon’s partners are…

Institute for Transport Planning and Systems at ETH Zurich

Senozon originally emerged from ETHZ as a spin-off, and an intensive cooperation is still maintained today. The two Senozon founders Michael Balmer and Marcel Rieser both originally worked as researchers at the Institute of Transport Planning and Systems (IVT). In this context, they played a decisive role in the development of the MATSim software. Today, ETHZ is an important technology partner keeping MATSim up to date with the latest research and guaranteeing the quality of Senozon products.

Department of Traffic System Planning and Telematics, TU Berlin

Similar to the ETHZ, the Technical University of Berlin (TUB) also acts as a technology partner for MATSim. Senozon works with leading researchers from the Institute of Land and Sea Transport at the TUB to optimize MATSim simulations. The active exchange between TUB and Senozon is mainly ensured by Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel, who is a member of Senozon’s Advisory Board.


microm is one of the most important data providers in the field of micro- and geomarketing in Germany. Together with microm, Senozon has operated the mobility model for the whole of Germany since 2016. This model is the basis for numerous services and data offerings of both partners.


Motionlogic analyzes traffic and motion flows based on anonymous signal data from Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network. Through the strategic alliance of Motionlogic and Senozon, Big Data Analytics can be combined with the mobility model. The substantially higher amount of mobility data allows the creation of more detailed and specialized models. Motionlogic adds a wealth of socio-demographic information, which can be quantified (extrapolated over the course of a day) and delivered with a high territorial resolution even in urban areas.

Urban Psychology

Urban Psychology Consulting & Research supports communities, real estate developers, architecture and planning offices in the human-friendly development of cities, areas and buildings. Combined with Senozon’s analyses, this results in broad decision basis for planners and developers in these areas.

Trade Association Austria

Senozon has is an official partner of the Austrian Trade Association and thus has access to a network of over 190 renowned members and partners. Since 1921, the trade association has been strongly committed to trade and the exchange of knowledge among its members. Senozon has already been able to support numerous retailers in a wide variety of issues and expects the partnership to provide business contacts.


Senozon has been a member of SwissPropTech since 2018 – the innovation network that connects the pioneers of the Swiss real estate and building industry.

Swiss Lean Construction Institue

The aim of the Swiss Lean Construction Institute (SLCI) is to promote exchange on the lean construction methodology in the real estate industry. Senozon is convinced that future usage scenarios will play an important role in the lean construction process. This is why we are supporting the development of this methodology within the SLCI with our expertise.

PlaceSense – Every location counts.

PlaceSense, a leading location performance intelligence platform, empowers corporate real estate and retail leaders to choose, operate and market great locations. Utilizing its proprietary technology, the PlaceSense platform generates insights about any location by accurately analyzing the people who visit it, while keeping individuals’ identity private and safe. Backed by Nielsen and E.ON, PlaceSense is used by leading organizations, such as Cushman & Wakefield, Drees & Sommer and Union Investment. For more information, visit

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