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Real Estate Development

We find the best locations to develop and the best uses for your properties.

Initial Situation

Determining the optimal location is the starting point for every real estate development project, and an essential factor for the ROI of a property. In order to make the right decision, the revenue potetial of all locations under review must be examined based on reliable data.


Senozon enables large-scale, in-depth analysis of locations, determining the kinds of people who are likely to pass it in future, the accessibility of the location by various modes of transport and the emissions caused. The analysis can be segmented by socio-demographic attributes, tailoring the uses of a location to specific target groups. In addition, the Senozon data allows for a more precise location identification, development and visualization.

Case Study

Mint Architecture analyzes retail locations based on Senozon data. Thanks to comprehensive information about pedestrian frequencies, efficient and target group-specific revenue potentials for the areas under consideration can be derived. These serve as the basis for the sound utilization and design concepts in commercial architecture.

«Thanks to their broad range of anlytical cappabilities, Senozon provide us with relevant additional information for a wide range of location issues.»

Kees van Elst, Client Director

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