Zürich meets New York

From May 16 to 23, 2014, several events took place in New York that presented several aspects of Zurich, all under the umbrella event "Zürich meets New York". One of those aspects was technology, for which ETH Zurich was a partner. The agent-based mobility simulation MATSim, created at ETH Zurich and now being developed at ETH, TU Berlin, Senozon and other places world-wide, was also chosen to be demonstrated in New York. For this reason, Senozon created a MATSim model of New York together with Parsons Brinckerhoff, a global consulting firm with offices in New York.

Created May 26, 2014

MATSim Model of Berlin — Level of Detail

What is the degree of information and the level of detail MATSim models produce? To answer these frequently occurring questions we produced a movie with our software "Via" based on the Berlin model.

Created March 12, 2012

Prototyping in Los Angeles

Visiting University of Santa Barbara at beginning of October 2011, we were spending a little time to integrate MATSim into the given mobility demand model (CEMDAP). As a first step, we built a prototype scenario for Los Angeles to simulate and visualize one per mill of the population.

Created October 24, 2011