Review GeoLabor, 4D Geo Symposium Lucerne

At the 4D Geo Symposium in Lucerne, the center for geoinformation of the city of lucerne presented the idea of a "geo-laboratory". Goal of the geo-laboratory is to make geo-information easily understandable for the people living in the region. Senozon supported the event and created various animations from our mobility model, which were then projected on a 3D model of the city of lucerne. The animations show various aspects like mobility, living and working in the city.

The images and movie below give you an impression of the geo laboratory, which was a huge attractor amongst the participants:


A great thank-you to Arthur Clement of the center for geo-information of the city of Lucerne for organizing the event and for initiating the geo laboratory.

More information and impressions can be found on the geo laboratory website (german only).

Created March 12, 2015