Senozon Lauches Unique Location Analysis Tool

The agent based mobility model MATSim is the leading tool to analyse traffic patterns and mobility behavior, but is only accessible to experts—until now.

Senozon developed the first, easy to use web application, giving everybody access to the rich results to one of the best mobility models available world wide: Senozon Locations. At the push of a button, the web application delievers detailed information regarding pedestrian frequencies, catchment areas or potential clients at any location in Switzerland.

During an introduction phase open until October 30, 2014, an analysis of one location can be obtained for only 200 Swiss Francs (excluding VAT, when ordering a report for 5 locations). For each of your chosen locations you get a detailed report containing information about catchment areas, client potentials, and pedestrian frequencies, distinguished by time of day and focused on a freely defined person group.

Register now for free at and test the new, unique features that Senozon Locations has to offer to you!

Created September 12, 2014