Understandig mobility, that's the main competence of Senozon. The services provided by the ETH spinoff company are based on MATSim, the revolutionary traffic and behaviour simulation developed at ETH Zurich and TU Berlin. Senozon uses this coordinate- and agent-based mobility model in its offices in Switzerland and Germany for the following business segments:

Location Planning and Site Assessment

Senozon’s mobility models deliver key values for accessibility, catchment areas, customer frequencies and market potentials of POS in very high level of detail that opens many new opportunities for location planning and site assessment. White-spot analyses help you to optimize your POS network for your specific target group. For the analysis of single locations, Senozon offers a simple to use web application.

Senozon Locations — Web Application

Download Flyer "Locations" (PDF, 1.5 MB)

Transport and Infrastructure Planning

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The mobility models of Senozon deliver detailed mobility demand for each individual of an area – microscopic, dynamic in time and fully activity based. It allows the analysis of traffic flows of various demographic and socio-demographic person groups for different modes of transport. The model can be applied on case studies for infrastructure projects as well as for prediction of future traffic demand.

Senozon maintains a multi-modal, fully dynamic and agent-based transport model for all of Switzerland, available for transport planning purposes. In addition, we help our clients to build, maintain and operate similar models for their specific regions.

Mobility Research

In cooperation with research partners from ETH Zurich and the technical university (TU) of Berlin, Senozon manages the development of MATSim, the worldwide leading agent-based transport simulation project. Senozon also distributes analytics and visualization software for efficient analysis of MATSim model results.