April 2014

Senozon Locations: Easy Location Analytics

The agent-based mobility simulation MATSim cannot only be used for transport and infrastructure planning. At Senozon we use our MATSim model of Switzerland also for the analysis of locations. Thanks to the very detailed modelling, reports can be generated that differentiate the people passing by a location based on the time of day and by specific user groups. Until recently, such reports could only be generated by performing extensive data collection at the location itself. Senozon now provides this functionality in an easy to use web application: Senozon Locations!

After many months of development and rigorous internal tests, we're happy to present Senozon Locations (German only at the moment) to you. The web applications enables you to perform various analyses for arbitrary locations in all of Switzerland. A special focus lies on the analysis of pedestrian frequencies, for which the potential frequencies at a location can be calculated, filtered by demographic user groups.

Are you interested? Senozon Locations is currently in public beta test. Write us if you want to be among the first persons testing and using the exiting new service!

Created April 04, 2014