Senozon is a proud partner of the following institutions, having an intense exchange of knowledge, experience and expertise with each of them:


Institute for Transport Planning and Systems, ETH Zürich



Being a spin-off company of ETH Zurich, Senozon continues to have a strong relationship with the researchers at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems. The two founders of Senozon, Michael Balmer and Marcel Rieser, both worked as researchers at that institute. It was during this time they co-developed MATSim, and ETH continues to be an important partner to keep MATSim at the edge of research, helping to guarantee the high quality of Senozon's products and services.

Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics, TU Berlin



Similar to the ETH Zurich, the Berlin Institute of Technology (Technische Universität Berlin) is an important technology partner for MATSim. Together with leading researchers in the group for Transport Systems Planning and Transport Telematics, Senozon continuously works on improving MATSim. A key person for the exchange is Prof. Dr. Kai Nagel, who is also part of the scientific advisory committee at Senozon.

Wüest und Partner Immobilienberatungsunternehmen



Wüest & Partner is one of the leading real estate consultancies in Switzerland, and an important partner of Senozon. On its GeoInfo platform, Wüest & Partner provides its clients numerous geospatial datasets — including Senozon's pedestrian potential since the end of April 2015. In addition, Wüest & Partner uses the detailed reports from Senozon in various site assessments for its clients.




microm is one of the leading service and data providers for micro- and geomarketing in Germany. Together with microm, Senozon maintains a mobility model of all of Germany since 2016, which serves as a base for various services and data products of both partners.