Senozon is an international consulting and technology company with specialization in location planning and site assessment, transport planning and transport systems as well as mobility research.

Ambitious scientists in the area of mobility research decided in 2010 to convert the results of year-long research into market-ready products. This was the hour of birth of Senozon and its novel product portfolio in the areas of expertise of location planning, business site evaluation, traffic and infrastructure planning. Due to the revolutionary new products, the first foreign subsidiary was opened in Berlin (Germany) shortly after. Since then, Senozon has further expanded to Vienna, Austria, making Senozon an internationally operating technology and consulting company.

  • Senozon Locations Austria

    November 2016

    Just half a year after the expansion of Senozon Locations to Germany, we're expanding again: Austria. With this addition, Senozon Locations and our data products are available in the complete DACH region.

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  • Senozon Austria GmbH

    August 2016

    To provide our services and products in Austria, the subsidiary Senozon Austria GmbH, located in Vienna, is incorporated.

  • Senozon Locations Germany

    May 2016

    Together with our partner microm, we've built a mobility model of all of Germany, which we're using as a base for providing our Locations services in Germany.

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  • Pedestrian potentials in GeoInfo

    April 2015

    Pedestrian potentials, one of the many analyses available in Senozon Locations, has become the secret star of the web application. Reason enough for our partner Wüest & Partner to offer their clients a limited version of the pedestrian potentials using their plattform GeoInfo.

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  • Senozon Locations

    October 2014

    Launch of Senozon Locations and start of sales for Switzerland and Berlin.

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  • Senozon Deutschland GmbH

    May 2013

    To better serve and support our numerous clients in Germany, the subsidiary Senozon Deutschland GmbH, located in Berlin, is incorporated. Managing director is Thomas Haupt, previously a member of the board at PTV AG.

  • Analyses covering all of Switzerland

    November 2012

    Analyses covering all of Switzerland are performed for Credit Suisse to find optimal locations for new ATMs, so-called whitespot analyses.

    Based on this project, we developed the idea to provide certain location evaluation analyses as a web application, available today as Senozon Locations.

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  • Release of Via 1.0

    July 2011

    Senozon Via, the first software product of Senozon, is released.

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  • Start of the operative business

    January 2011

    It's starting in early 2011!

  • Incorporation

    August 2010

    Incorporation of Senozon AG in Zurich (Switzerland) by Michael Balmer and Marcel Rieser.